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by PMG
04 Jan 2020 03:14
Topic: Another Home-Brew - Z180
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Re: Another Home-Brew - Z180

Hi Bill, 2 tricks I have used in the past for double sided etches: 1) Put fiducials on your design (These are markers that are in defined positions on the board - usually 2 or 3 of the corners). Then when you stick down the mask it helps you to apply it to the exact spots. 2) Drill the mounting hole...
by PMG
08 Nov 2019 21:10
Topic: Hello
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Hi, I'm Paul. I thought my Memotech experiences were a long time forgotten history. After a random eBay suggestion of an old MTX512 (which is way beyond what I can afford!) came up I started searching round the net for Memotech memories. And so I found this forum and will share mine. I am 51 years (...