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by thewiz
18 Jul 2020 13:10
Forum: MEMOFEST 2020
Topic: Any Memofest this year?
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Re: Any Memofest this year?

I'd be up for a zoom meeting. Not sure I would have much to offer this year other then my appreciation of other peoples work.
by thewiz
03 Apr 2020 17:31
Topic: Coding Challenge
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Re: Coding Challenge

Nice challenge. Hope to have a go at some point.

Martin, I like the "PUSH HL / LD HL, value / EX (SP), HL" sequence. Not seen that before.
by thewiz
24 Jan 2020 14:27
Topic: Using more than 64k on the MTX
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Re: Using more than 64k on the MTX

Another modern one is Fuzix.
by thewiz
17 Dec 2019 16:25
Topic: Possibly hundreds (?) of new games for the MTX
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Re: Possibly hundreds (?) of new games for the MTX

I have the same sentiment. Its not whether its a good idea or not but will you enjoy the challenge? Having more of this kind of thing for the MTX might also interest more people which can't be a bad thing either. Well done in getting something up and running too. Do you know which part is causing th...
by thewiz
05 Nov 2019 11:08
Topic: New tape cleaner tool
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Re: New tape cleaner tool

Thanks Bill.

I've got it compiled on Windows and running but it gives me an error whenever it calls setstatusbar. Not got it to hand but something about updating a read-only combo box.

It converts the filename block but need to find out how to use the program.

by thewiz
30 Oct 2019 12:39
Topic: Porting of Exiode-Z
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Re: Porting of Exiode-Z

Just a thought but are you doing an IN (3) after OUT (6)?

Are you using OTIR or similar to update the sound?

by thewiz
22 Oct 2019 21:56
Topic: New tape cleaner tool
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Re: New tape cleaner tool

Hi Bill,

I am attempting to compile tapeview using mingw-w64 and wxwidget 3.1.1 and encountered a problem with a missing mnem.cpp file. Is this a standard file somewhere or something you wrote?
by thewiz
14 Oct 2019 13:20
Forum: MEMOFEST 2019
Topic: Memofest 2019 at Andys
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Re: Memofest 2019 at Andys

Looks like another great Memofest. Sorry I couldn't be there.
by thewiz
11 Jul 2019 11:41
Topic: MTX on the road.
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Re: MTX on the road.

Thanks Stephen, its good that the MTX is getting a bit of exposure.
by thewiz
25 Mar 2019 18:54
Topic: Relocating MTX Machine Code
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Re: Relocating MTX Machine Code

Nice Bill. It could also check if it is on a machine it was already recompiled on and skip the relink. Some commercial software would load a block of code at 0x8100 from a basic loader to get around the problem. Some would stuff it into an ASSEM line with a bit of code to copy it 0x8100 before runni...