Clutching at straws (Memotech RS128)

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Clutching at straws (Memotech RS128)

Post by Dave »

Hi Guys,

I have posted this request elsewhere, so, just for completeness, I am posting a copy here too - although I almost certainly have LESS chance of success here than in other forums :-)

This is an extreme long shot I admit, but here goes . . . .

I would like to collect an example of all of the (very small) range of Memotech computers, i.e., the MTX500, MTX512, RS128 and MTX512S2. As well as my original MTX512, I have examples of the MTX500 and MTX512S2, but so far, I have been unsuccessful in trying to find an RS128.

Other than the label on the case, there is nothing particularly special about the RS128, it is just an MTX512 with a 64K expansion memory card and an RS232 interface card fitted, so functionality wise, I could make one from the bits that I have. I would like a genuine example though.

So, to the request . . . . .

I imagine that the most likely place to find an Memotech RS128 these days (apart from a landfill site!) is probably at a car boot sale or the like.

Unfortunately, I am not able to get to any of these myself, but I expect that some of you do pop along to them from time to time.

I wonder if I might ask you to do me a favour though please?

If you do happen across an RS128, and are able to pick it up for a reasonable amount (although I am not sure what that might be), if you are prepared to "bag" it, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands, refund your costs, and pay all shipping and other costs that you might incur.

As I said, a VERY long shot and I don't really expect anything to come of this request, but I can always hope :-)

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