WTB: Games for Memotech

You want to buy,sell or trade Memotech Stuff?
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WTB: Games for Memotech

Post by Hawk_The_Atarian »

I only have one tape, Quazzia and would like to get a few more ... Anyone have some for sale?
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Re: WTB: Games for Memotech

Post by Crazyboss »

if you dont need originals you can download waves from mtxworld.dk the files a waves in rar format decompress with winrar, and you can play the waves directly from a pc the Memotech connect a cable from the speaker output at the sound card in your pc, to Memotech "ear" plug. Or you could record them to a tape, but is more clean to play them directly. You can also make them to an audio cd, and use a Diskman or so to connect to your Memotech instead of the Taperecorder.

If you need originals you can try Ebay, I think most of the games, are sold from UK, so ebay.co.uk might give best search results.

By the way I could offer you a copy of Toado, since i have 4-5 copies of that game.

Where do you live ?
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Re: WTB: Games for Memotech

Post by oldster54 »

Hi - I am fairly new at this. I have an MTX512, which I got out recently, & after a bit of tlc, got to work. I have Sepulcri Scelerati, Roller Bearing & Qogo2 (Megastar games) but only Sepulcri Scelerati seems to load & work. The other two seem to have faults according to the screen display. (SE.C or mistake). I saw your answer to the previous MTX-er re. downloadable games, but i'm afraid I do not understand about waves rar format & winrar. Sorry to be a dummy, but I would value any help, thanks.
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Re: WTB: Games for Memotech

Post by Dave »

*** WARNING ***


http://primrosebank.net/computers/mtx/p ... magrom.htm

I suppose that I should really point out Andy's REMEMOrizer too :)

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Re: WTB: Games for Memotech

Post by Martin A »

a WAV file is an audio signal that's been recorded digitally onto the PC.

On the MTXworld site there are downloadable WAV files made from sampling MTX game tapes.

Play those files back on a PC with the MTX tape lead plugged into the speaker output and the correct volume setting - which may take a bit of experimenting, and you will be able to load the games. Your PC effectively becomes a digital tape deck.

The only complication is that the WAV files themselves have been compressed to save space. WinRAR is the program needed to de-compress them.

Another alternative, once you've got the WAV files, most CD burning software will take them so you could make an audio CD which you can play back in a CD player and load from that.
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