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Error using CPMCBFS at Windows 7?

Posted: 21 Oct 2018 12:54
by Crazyboss

Have been using it before but suddenly i get an error. I wonder if I have installed something which prevent it from working.
I get something like that: "Exception: Not enough systemrecources to perform the task."
I run at cmd as Administrator.

Wonder if some programs in windows creating virtual drives can cause the problem, like a Cloud-drive?

I tried to map to other drives like S: and X: etc. which are not in use.

Re: Error using CPMCBFS at Windows 7?

Posted: 28 Oct 2018 13:32
by AndyKey
In the error message, the text "Exception: " comes from cpmcbfs.c, and the rest of the text comes from the Eldos CbFS library it uses.
Searching for that text doesn't find anything.

The exception you see could be happening at any point of the initialisation process, but in my opinion, there are only 3 main calls to CbFS likely to cause it :-

cbfs.CreateStorage(); // installs CP/M callback filesytem as a drive
cbfs.AddMountingPoint(mountPoint); // creates Z:
cbfs.MountMedia(30000); // mounts drive at Z:

Eldos appear to have sold their stuff to Callback Technologies, and the CbFS product has now become CBFS Connect.
These are the relevant documentation pages for the new product, and they seem to be very close to the APIs I am using. ... orage.html ... point.html ... media.html ... tml#extlog

The last link has this text:
Extended logging
Several methods of CBFSConnect class (namely Install(), CreateStorage() and MountMedia() methods and Install function of the installer DLL) write extended information about the reasons of the reported error to Windows event log. The user-mode part of CBFS Connect writes records to "Windows events \ Applications" folder of Windows event log. The kernel-mode part of CBFS Connect writes records to "Windows events \ System" folder of Windows event log.
So can you post what you see in your Windows Event Logs...?

As for your comment about Cloud-drives, I suppose its possible.
Its also possible that cloud drive products themselves also use CbFS in their implementation.
Its also possible that they use a different version of CbFS (ie: the CBFS Connect), and maybe there is some incompatibility as a result.
I don't know really, just random thoughts.

Re: Error using CPMCBFS at Windows 7?

Posted: 07 Nov 2018 10:09
by Crazyboss
Solved by installing a clean windows xp running as Virtual box using Oracle VM :)