48 line mode?

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Re: 48 line mode?

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as I said, if you send me the image, I can blow an 8K one for you and return it with your document.

On the other hand, you might be in a hurry for the ROM :-)

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Re: 48 line mode?

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Check the pinout of the current chip, and the larger chip you want to use.
Sometimes they are the same, except the bigger one has extra address lines that are mot connected, or some other function, in the smaller one.

If so, you program the data repeatedly in the big chip.
Then it doesn't matter what feeds those extra address lines.

I routinely plug in W27C512s (64KB) into the OS+BASIC 16KB socket on my MTX.
{{{ Andy
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Re: 48 line mode?

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It does rather depend on which MTX board you have (4000-04 or 4000-05 board), and if there is any extra coloured wiring added underneath.

I posted the pin-outs a while ago, see here :mrgreen:

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Re: 48 line mode?

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Thanks guys.. I have a burner, it's just that I don't have an 8k EPROM lying around. Must look harder!
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