Z80 framework for developing for MTX

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Z80 framework for developing for MTX

Post by thewiz » 21 Oct 2014 13:54


I've seen that various people have developed z80 for the MTX and wondered if any of them would like to share the "framework" files they used, i.e. the files they used that allowed them to create something that would run on a MTX.

I have used wla-z80 in the past and will post a copy of the files next time I get onto Linux. However it can be a bit cumbersome getting the BANKS sorted out. It would have the advantage of creating something that is greater then 48Kb by assembling to the various memory pages.

I also like wla-z80 because of it's features such as macros however I've been having a look at as80 today. I am going to put together a couple of files that would allow me to assemble directly to a .mtx file using it.

I need something like this to write the Noddy Extention PoC.

THIS is what Memotech is doing now.

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Re: Z80 framework for developing for MTX

Post by Crazyboss » 22 Oct 2014 20:46

hi Paul
do you mean Cross Assemblers ?

I use AS80 both for ColecoVision and Memotech. Its Quite good ;)
I use windows 7 64bit, before I had to use DOSbox to make it work, but later I found a version running at 64bit windows.
I use Notepad++ for edit the files.
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Tony Brewer
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Re: Z80 framework for developing for MTX

Post by Tony Brewer » 23 Oct 2014 12:17

To be truly authentic, you should use CP/M with M80 as your assembler and L80 as your linker because that's what we used at Memotech. In fact that's the combination I am using still, most recently last night.

Martin A
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Re: Z80 framework for developing for MTX

Post by Martin A » 25 Oct 2014 20:32

Here's the assembler I use.

It's written in BBC basic for the 20 year old Acorn RiscPC running RiscOS 4.

it ought to work on the Raspberry Pi running RiscOS 5 as well, though the "Wimpslot" may need increasing.

The file should be readable in both ArcFS and SparkFS it won't open in windows as it's not a PC ZIP file.

For those that know RiscOS it hijacks file types 280 and 281 and there's some example files to play with.
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Re: Z80 framework for developing for MTX

Post by Bill B » 26 Oct 2014 09:07

Like Martin, I wrote my own assembler. In my case it runs under CP/M on the MTX, and is self-hosting (it can assemble itself). Fairly crude compaired to what is avalable today, but good enough for what I wanted, and the right price. Dave has a copy at http://primrosebank.net/computers/cpm/c ... _progs.htm.

By the time I came to write my PCB software (source also on Dave's site), I had written a number of standard utility routines that I reused in many of my projects. See files bdos.z80, screen.z80, disc.z80, debug.z80 in the source code.

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