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Section where new members can tell us a little bit about themselves (and their own set-up) and existing members can say "hello and welcome" to them?
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Re: Please Introduce yourself...

Post by oldster54 » 26 Dec 2018 12:50

My name is Viv - I joined the forum in 2014, but have not been active for various reasons, mainly because I am rather unfamiliar how forums work. I was a Dentist for my primary career, and have always been interested in electronics & computers, but never getting 'below deck' i.e. don't know how to disassemble, write code etc. My first computer was the venerable ZX81 from Sinclair, followed swiftly by my MTX512. However, as we all do, as things moved on, I & Windows appeared I started to get into this arena. I built a desktop PC which initially ran Windows95 or some such early version (my memory is not what it used to be), but that now sits upstairs, runs Windows XP & is not connected to the internet. I subsequently built a tower PC, which is still my current PC for everyday use. (As you all know, one doesn't have to be a PC Wizard to build Windows PCs, n this 'plug & play scenario - hold my hands up as a 'dabbler')
The main reason I joined the forum was to try & find out how to load programs onto my MTX512, now none of my tape recorders have 3.5mm jack plug input/output sockets to connect to the MTX512
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Re: Please Introduce yourself...

Post by Dave » 26 Dec 2018 13:19

Hi Viv,

Welcome me to the Forum. I see that Martin has already pointed you to modern alternatives for loading programs into your MTX.

If you just wanted to quickly load a few games, you could also consider MAGROM .... ... magrom.htm


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Re: Please Introduce yourself...

Post by 1024MAK » 26 Dec 2018 16:09

Hi Viv

Welcome to Memorum :D

We do hope that you will stick around.


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Re: Please Introduce yourself...

Post by EtchedPixels » 09 Feb 2019 18:14

I'm finally a Memotech owner after drooling over the adverts back in the late 1980s and finally managing to acquire a working one with CF adapters off ebay. Now all I need is some more memory to take it over 64K.


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Re: Please Introduce yourself...

Post by Martin A » 09 Feb 2019 21:34


If you've got a CFX already, then Andy Key has a memory card for the MTX, it won't increase the memory in basic past 64k though. (Not that there's any software out there that needs more than 64k visible to basic.)

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