New MTX user from Germany

Section where new members can tell us a little bit about themselves (and their own set-up) and existing members can say "hello and welcome" to them?
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New MTX user from Germany

Post by schombi » 09 Jan 2014 08:55

Hello everybody,

just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Stefan, I´m 41 and I´m from South-West Germany. In most forums I can be found under my nick name "Schombi".

I started my computer career back in 1983/84 with a 16K Sinclair ZX Spectrum. I had the 48K version later, followed by C64 and Amiga 500, before the PCs took over (what a shame!). However, I never really stopped thinking about home computers; at least I was using emulators quite often.

Almost two years ago, I realized that it´s now time for a change and going back to real hardware would the be only way, so I started collecting, repairing and using old computers. I started with Sinclair (which was my first love), but I discovered that there a more gems from the isle. I´m pretty pround of my three SAM Coupes, but I was always impressed by the solid appearance of the MTX and its specification, so I kept my eyes open.

Yesterday I received my MTX512 and it seems to be working rudimentary :)

EDIT: Confirmed to be an MTX512 with 64KB of RAM. Board issue -05. Serial 16849

You could call me a collector, but I don´t keep the machines on the shelf, I really use them to play or program and also to check additional hardware and new developments from other people, such as the IF1bis on the Spectrum.

Guess I will have many more questions on the MTX.

Feel free to visit my family on:

Best regards,
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Re: New MTX user from Germany

Post by Dave » 09 Jan 2014 13:44

Hi Stefan,

Welcome to the Forum!

It's good that you are actually making use of this retro hardware, I'm sure that you will have fun "playing" with the Memotech too.

I see that you've already been tipped off about REMEMOrizer in the Facebook Group

- you definately NEED one - go get it now :-)


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Re: New MTX user from Germany

Post by Martin A » 09 Jan 2014 20:20


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Re: New MTX user from Germany

Post by 1024MAK » 10 Jan 2014 23:15

Welcome to our MTX forum, Stefan :D

:D :D :D


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