Section where new members can tell us a little bit about themselves (and their own set-up) and existing members can say "hello and welcome" to them?
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Post by inaki » 11 Jan 2014 21:12

My name is Inaki and I am the proud owner of a MTX500 with FDX 5.25+3.5 drives.
I tried to buy an MTX when it came out, back in the 80's. Unfortunately, although I ordered the same week the advertising was published, it was not available anymore in my country.
So, almost 30 years later, one day I bought one on eBay, after many years looking for one.
The FDX drive did not work but fortunately I had the luck to have invaluable help from the guys at MTX facebook group. Specially Peter Petersen was very helpful. Thanks Peter!
I would like to have my first MTX when I was younger but I have enjoyed it as well now that I am older.
Actually the list of computers I wanted to have when I was young was large. Computers I wanted but I never had the money to buy: HP85, AppleII, Amiga/1000, Newbrain, Jupiter, ...

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Re: Inaki

Post by Dave » 12 Jan 2014 01:54

Hi Inaki,

Welcome! - Glad you made it :-)

I think that the MTX is getting better with age, so at least you got one eventually.

Now, you're here - feel free to ask those techy questions :lol:


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Re: Inaki

Post by Martin A » 12 Jan 2014 10:55


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Re: Inaki

Post by 1024MAK » 12 Jan 2014 22:27

Welcome Inaki :D

:D :D :D


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Re: Inaki

Post by JonB » 12 Jan 2014 23:15

On the forum, well done and welcome!

Now your tech discussions won't get lost, or be Copyrighted by Mark Zukerberg!


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