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Re: Hello

Posted: 19 Apr 2014 12:54
by JonB
If you have REMemorizer why do you need Magrom? You can load games from the remorizer..

Re: Hello

Posted: 19 Apr 2014 15:34
by Dave
But not by hitting one key :-)

Re: Hello

Posted: 19 Apr 2014 15:38
by Dave
Obviously, MAGROM was not meant to replace REMEMOrizer.........

To quote from a reputable source .......... :-)

"Andy Key's REMEMOrizer is a fantastic add-on for the MTX, to quote from Andy's site, "REMEMOrizer is an add-on for a real Memotech MTX500, MTX512 or MTX512 S2 computer, . . . . "it's like an SDX, only smaller, faster, cheaper and better. This is the upgrade you wished you'd had in 1984." However, great as it is, and certainly value for your money considering all of its features, at around £100, it is not cheap and perhaps a little too expensive for some.

Up until now, if you didn't have a disk drive, the only alternative to REMEMOrizer for loading games into a real MTX was to use the cassette interface and load games either from a real cassette player, or using the sound card output from a PC to play audio files through the same interface. That's where Martin Allcorn comes in . . . . . . .

Martin has designed a ROM board that plugs into the MTX cartridge connector - just like the original Memotech games ROMs did, but with a difference. Martin's design features the ability to store many MTX games programs on the ROM card and uses an on screen menu to allow the user to select the game to run"