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An Old Timer

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 21:40
by OldCoder
Hello fellow MTX people,
My name is Keith Clatworthy and I apologise in advance for being the one who wrote Tapeworm all those years ago.

I haven't touched my MTX512 for many years but came across it the other day and it boots up and runs as well as it ever did. Got my old nostalgia juices going I can tell you.

Those were great days back in the early 80's. I thought computers were much more fun then than they are these days, or maybe it's just that I've become an old fart since then. :lol:

P.S. Hello Claus, I see you're just as much into the Memotech as you ever were!

Re: An Old Timer

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 21:51
by Dave
Hi Keith

and welcome to the Forum!

It's really great to be able to welcome a famous name from the past :D

You seem to have joined a like-minded group of "old farts" - perhaps a quote from my website is appropriate here.
. . . . . "Computers got much faster and far more capable, software grew at a pace to keep up with them - or in Microsoft's case, grew faster than the hardware that was capable of running it!
Sure, computers today are far more powerful than in the early 80's but not nearly as much fun !

- I'm sure I'll get a slating from a certain user, as I always seem to be plugging my website, but I'll refrain from quoting the url at this point :-)

Anyway, it's great that your MTX still works - to make the most of it in the 21st Century, check out Andy Key's REMEMOrizer :


Re: An Old Timer

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 22:08
by 1024MAK
Welcome on board Keith!

:D :D :D


Re: An Old Timer

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 22:10
by OldCoder
Hi Dave, the REMEMOrizer looks to be a great device, but I'm probably not going to hanging on to my MTX for much longer. All my spare cash these days goes into synthesizers and my wife keeps on telling me not to buy anything else as we need to downsize soon LOL!

I found a copy of Towers of Hanoi and hadn't realised I'd already let it go into the wild. A shame, I'd hoped to be able to give you guys something new :)

A long, long time ago I also wrote a (very) simple flight simulator, but I've been unable to find it as of yet, but I'm still looking.

Re: An Old Timer

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 22:30
by Dave
Hi Keith,

Shame about the pressure to get rid of the MTX after all these years, I understand the "pressures" though, but I have so far managed to resist :-)

We only recently got hold of Towers of Hanoi, as it wasn't officially released, I didn't think we'd see it until this "bootleg" copy came up. I'm assuming that it the same as your copy?

Finding the Flight Simulator would be really something - was that going to be the version that Memotech announced, but never released?


Re: An Old Timer

Posted: 25 Jul 2014 23:21
by OldCoder
I don't know Dave. I spoke to them a lot about it, but they stitched me up regarding the royalty payments for Tapeworm and so we stopped communicating and I never fully completed it.

It was fairly simple. Basically you had to 'fly' your aircraft around certain obstacles and perform tasks within certain limits, like take off and landing and make sure you kept your airspeed up and make sure your fuel load didn't run out (effectively a level timer). It was a mix of MTX Basic and assembler.

Re: An Old Timer

Posted: 26 Jul 2014 01:54
by Crazyboss
Hi Keith

Welcome back to the MTX world :)

Its good to see, one more MTX programmer, I tried to mail you last year, cause of the Memofest 2013, It was fun to meet other Memotech guys for real, our facebook are growing too, but not all our members actually own a Memotech computer. There will be a Memofest in UK this year too. I hope to join in.

A lof of exciting things have happened since last time you join in ;)

Personal I released 4 "new" games ported from MSX and ColecoVision to Memotech. The games can be downloaded from my homepage at as waves so can be played at a real memotech just hook it up to a device can play waves - eg laptop or maybe a smartphone or mp3 player?

Also Andy key made a good job with Memu the best Memotech emulator, running at windows or Linux.

PS Dont let the wifem get rid of your Memotech Stuff :) in that case you know where to "dump" it :))))))))))

Re: An Old Timer

Posted: 26 Jul 2014 10:11
by Martin A
Welcome to the forums