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Hello! - this is me

Posted: 15 Nov 2013 23:26
by Dave

I'm Dave!

I am a Control Engineer in "real" life, but the MTX takes up most, if not all, of my spare time.

I maintain a small website, the majority of which is dedicated to all things Memotech :-

I am trying to collate all of the available information on the Memotech MTX and related equipment - if you have anything that is not already posted on the website, I would appreciate a copy please.

I have one or two pieces of Memotech hardware :-)

I bought my MTX512 in late 1983. Having used a system at work that ran CP/M 2.2, when Memotech brought out the CP/M based FDX unit, I just had to have one! At the time, I was full of good intentions, such as learning Z80 assembly language (with Microsoft MASM ) and "C" (with the Small "C" Compiler). I also had the "latest" business software - NewWord (Word Processor), Supercalc (Spreadsheet) and the ubiquitous dBaseII (Database). I'm sorry to say though, that I did not use the tools to their best effect and ended up using the system to play games most of the time :-)


Re: Hello! - this is me

Posted: 16 Nov 2013 19:46
by 1024MAK
Everyone must know you Dave, as you've had no replies :lol:

I've been exchanging Memotech related communications with Dave for what seems like a long time (but may be as short as two years :roll: ).

His web site ( is an excellent resource for Memotech MTX information. So thank you Dave Image Image Image

If you ever need any donations to help with the cost, I'm willing to make a donation ;)


Re: Hello! - this is me

Posted: 16 Nov 2013 21:47
by Dave
Hi Mark,

thanks very much for the offer of help with the costs - it is much appreciated !

Most of the "cost" is in time, rather than financial.

The financial costs are not too significant, the domain name and hostiing service cost is affordable, so hopefully, I don't need to worry about that - at least, not at the moment anyway :-)

The biggest thing that you bring to the Forum and the Facbook group are your obvious technical skills and readiness to help - that in itself is a great benefit to the users, not to mention myself, - keep it up mate !