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Homebrew PS/2 Keyboard reader

Posted: 19 Jul 2014 20:55
by lezanderson
I was Mooooching around the web... and found some interesitng low cost PS/2 keyboard interface/decoders..

PS/2 Encoder interfaces industry standard PS/2 PC-compatible keyboards to devices requiring TTL-level RS232, parallel data , and/or PC XT signaling. All ASCII key sequences are decoded, as well as common keyboard sequences like “CTRL-ALT-DEL”. To provide maximum flexibility for various uses while retaining ease of operation, the unit’s configuration can be modified in-circuit using the PS/2 keyboard itself.

Uses ATmega MCU


AT89C2051 schematic ... 20848.html

These look like they could be intergrated into one's own homebrew DIY designs ?

Re: Homebrew PS/2 Keyboard reader

Posted: 26 Jul 2014 10:40
by Martin A
Grant Searle has a PS2 to serial keyboard design here: ... index.html

As well as various other "interesting" bits and pieces

Re: Homebrew PS/2 Keyboard reader

Posted: 26 Jul 2014 22:32
by 1024MAK
PIC microcontrollers can do this job as well.
As can Z80 based systems :mrgreen: