Memotech MTX S3 homebrew kit ??

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Memotech MTX S3 homebrew kit ??

Post by lezanderson » 10 Jan 2015 23:22

A couple of weeks ago I was discussing whether Dave and Martin could turn their superb MTX+ into a single board computer (SBC) ... sort of Memotech MTX S3 .

Personally I think a low cost MTX S3 would be a great idea, if a limited number where made pre-assembled and the design, schematics etc where made open source then it would be a fantastic homebrew self build kit ! I even said to Dave that he could send a working MTX S3 to Geoff Boyd, just to let him know the MTX still lives !

I could source the ICs cheap to hopefully get the price down to £50 per unit...

Specification (pretty much a cut-down MTX+)

Z80 DIP (8MHz) switchable between 4/8 MHz
128K SRAM 70ns DIP
512 NVSRAM 70ns DIP
64K or 128K ROM DIP
Glue logic
V9958 with 192K DRAM
SN76489 PSG
YM2149 PSG
8255 CF Card Reader
MCU Keyboard
Joystick input
Z80 DART RS232

Giving a Z80 MTX 8MHz MAX for cheapness with 640K SRAM, ROM, CF Card etc...

Well it's just an idea !

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