Crowd Funding ?

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Crowd Funding ?

Post by lezanderson » 30 Apr 2015 19:12

After looking at the ZX Spectrum projects that have been Crowd funded, I thought to myself.... is it worth a try ?? So I was thinking of doing some Crowd-Funding for a New Super Colecovision Console... nothing like them Naff Flashback stuff...but with real hardware.

Z84C9012VEC (optional?)
64K SRAM UM61512
EPM7128SLC84 Glue logic RAMN/ROM select
V9958 Video / scart/phono output
SN76489 Sound + YM2149
Two Joystick ports (Atari Type)
Two original type controller ports
Z80 BUS out for daughter-board
Cartridge Slot for original Carts
RS232 Com1 Com2 ?? Ports
Parallel output port ?
PS/2 Keyboard input

Daughter Board:would contain
Real time Clock RTC
CF card reader
PATA/IDE laptop harddrive
Maths AM9511 FPU ?

come either as pre-built or a kit . Running at either 3.58MHz or 28.64MHz (turbo mode)

About 18 months ago I asked around for prices on a Z80 system (basically a MTX plus) and was quoted between £7000-£10000 to design and built prototype hardware by three companies. So the Colecovsion could be cheaper ?

The idea would be to make it for £50 and sell for £99+shipping which are realistic and achievable prices.

Any ideas about the best way to do it...then let me know. This Crowd Funding thing is probably harder than it looks !

Well it's got to be worth a try !

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