ZX Spectrum ULA to be made OPEN SOURCE (VHDL)

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ZX Spectrum ULA to be made OPEN SOURCE (VHDL)

Post by lezanderson » 15 Aug 2015 13:02

I've heard the ZX Spectrum's ULA logic is to be made open source as a VHDL file courtesy of Chris Smith https://twitter.com/zxchris

So it should be possible to pop the 144 macrocells of the ZX Spectrum onto an EPM7160SLC84 ? Allowing a very basic ZX spectrum to be built :

Z80 (CPU)
32/64 EPROM
EPM7160SLC84 (ZX ULA + Glue logic) giving video output etc
AY-3-8910 sound
8255 CF card reader

I can't understand why they just didn't do something like this rather than the ZX VEGA ??

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