TURBO High scores Can you beat 3200 ??

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Martin A
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TURBO High scores Can you beat 3200 ??

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Jim won the Turbo high score competition at Memofest 2018 with a score of 3200. Can YOU beat that ?

Here the result of extensive practice (ie more than 5 mins), is my best score in a LONG time, (mainly because, like everyone attending Memofest, before this weekend I'd not played it in a long time!)
Turboscore.jpg (24.78 KiB) Viewed 1975 times
The challenge now is can YOU do better, screen shots or emulator screen dumps please !

PS if anyone hasn't got a copy, and wants to try it on real hardware have a look here
http://primrosebank.net/computers/mtx/p ... magrom.htm or here
http://primrosebank.net/computers/mtx/p ... fx/cfx.htm or here
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Re: TURBO High scores Can you beat 3200 ??

Post by AndyKey »

has the proof Jim was the current Turbo expert at Memofest 2018.
{{{ Andy
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