how about an NEW Memotech RS128 Plus ?

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how about an NEW Memotech RS128 Plus ?

Post by lezanderson » 07 Oct 2014 21:03

Lets be more forward looking....??

How about desiging a NEW Memotech ... MTX S3 or RS128 PLUS !! Something for next years MEMOFEST !

I was recently looking at doing a feasability study for what it would cost ICs etc to build a Memotech MTX S3 or RS128 +. This was the conclusions

Outline: Must be SBC Single Board Computer :Must use easily sourced ICs, must be cheap, must be relatively easy to build, :

Draft Spec:

HD64180 or Z80 CPU ? HD64180RP8 8MHz ??
128K fast SRAM
512K NVSRAM Silicon Disc ?
128K/256 EEPROM
Z80 DART RS232 ? HD64180 has serial ports build into chip
GAL PLD memory decoder
EPM7128SLC84 Glue logic
V9958+DRAMs Video
YM2149 + SN76489 Sound
8255 for CF Card
MCU to read keyboard
etc etc ..

The HD64180 is quite a powerful CPU, the 'R' type has a 6800 BUS structure the 'Z' type has a Z80 Bus..has DART/URT on Chip + Timers etc... 30% faster than normal Z80 for same clock speed ! Come in DIP64 and PLCC

ICs should cost abouit $30 (£20) So ideally it could be made for £50 per unit ????

It won't obviously be 100% compatible with the original but that would be very hard to achieve.

I could supply the ICs for free plus other bits and bobs to keep costs down.. enough to make TEN prototypes... We could even send one to Geoff Boyd ??....but who would like to design and build it ??

Well it's just a though.... sort of Brainstorming !!


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