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ROTT 1600

Posted: 06 Jul 2019 20:05
by Martin A
I've basically finished putting the extra components onto the memory board I build for Fuzix testing.

It's time to introduce the ROTT 1600k memory board.
Lots of storage
Lots of storage
rott 1600.jpg (331.81 KiB) Viewed 1349 times
Currently fitted is
a CFX style 16 bit IDE interface
2 x 512k srams, of which 448k can be seen from basic and 720k in CPM. (making 512k and 784k in total)
1 x 512k flash rom loaded with a Magrom style games system in rom slot 3
1 x 128k flash rom currently fitted with 32k ROM Newword in rom slot 2, but could equally hold Pascal or Videowall software, or another 512k Magrom
1 x 32k of rom holding the CPM boot rom in slot 4, SDX basic extensions in slot 5 and 8k free in slot 6. plus the 8 diagnostics rom. (I've fitted in a 128k flash as that was cheaper than a 32k eeprom!)

Theoretical maximum capacity is 4 x 512k and 1 x 32k devices for 2080k or just over 2 meg. As fitted it has 3 x 512k and 2 x 32k, hence the 1600 in the name.

The CF interface is identical to the CFX in use so adds the usual up to 8, 8meg partitions.

And the name

Ridiculously Over The Top.

Now who was it thought 640k was enough memory for anyone ?

As usual there's no proper circuit diagram, just a back of the board pin to pin wiring guide
ROTT layout.pdf
Layout of the various devices
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Re: ROTT 1600

Posted: 07 Jul 2019 09:15
by 1024MAK
Or ROTTon name :lol:

Good luck with testing :D