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Re: Where? South Cheshire. When? 17/18 October

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 13:53
by Crazyboss
1024MAK wrote:>

Did the RS232 serial experiment get anywhere since last year?


No it did not work, I later tested it at home, and it works as it should. So my guess is the cable or the RS232 at the Memotech side, is not compatible with LAPTOPS. I only tested at DESKTOP pc's with onboard COM interface.

Re: Where? South Cheshire. When? 17/18 October

Posted: 14 Sep 2015 13:54
by Crazyboss
Martin A wrote:Hmm, An FDX cake ?
Hehe a FULL SIZE FDX cake :)

Re: Where? South Cheshire. When? 17/18 October

Posted: 18 Oct 2015 11:26
by Bill B
My thanks again to Paul and his wife (sorry, very bad at remembering names) for hosting this, and for the wonderful spread they laid on.

Some thoughts that occurred to me during the event (not sure whether I will do anything about them):
  • Tapes: I have for some time wondered whether it would be possible to make MEMU load tapes by feeding pulses to the emulated CTC. This would mean that no patches to the MTX ROM are required. It would also mean that MEMU could load *.wav files as well as *.MTX files. Also possible to save back to *.wav files.
  • Sound: There was some discussion of the limitations of PortAudio in emulating the MTX sound chip. It does not allow accurate reproduction of the rapid updates used in complex sound effects On the RPi, it is possible to access the hardware directly. This may allow a more accurate emulation.
  • Hardware: There appears to be a shortage of the plastic moldings that go at the back of the MTX case and provide access to all the ports. I wonder whether these could be 3D printed. They are rather long for building on most hobby printers, but should be possible via commercial rapid prototyping services.