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Is it a goer ?

Posted: 10 May 2016 18:06
by Dave
Hi folks,

here were are, mid May already - doesn't time fly?

I guess that I need to start making more definite plans for Memofest 2016, if it is going to fly that is.

Can I ask people to start giving it some serious thought please.

The surveys haven't given much of a feel for how likely it is to happen, i.e., how many people are prepared to travel to Aberdeen, or the most suitable dates to hold it - although the majority vote was for 29th/30th October - it got 1 more vote than the single vote for other dates :lol:

Those dates are quite a bit later than previous events but it doesn't give me a problem and does allow a bit more thinking time. Still, let's see if we can't put a bit more "certainty" on the event. It might be a good start if you can let me know whether you are still thinking about it? If you will most definitely not come, then at least that removes any uncertainty when I'm trying to make plans.

There is still plenty of time to think about this, I just wanted to get it back into people thoughts


p.s., I realise that Aberdeen is a way to come for most people, so if anyone else wants to step in and host closer to "middle England", feel free

Re: Is it a goer ?

Posted: 10 May 2016 22:31
by Crazyboss
I still cant give any answer.

Is it for sure to be the 28+29 oct?

Re: Is it a goer ?

Posted: 11 May 2016 00:13
by Dave
Hi Claus,

no, it's not certain to be that date, that was just the one that got two votes


Re: Is it a goer ?

Posted: 15 May 2016 09:22
by thewiz
Hi Dave,

I should be able to make it. The other half is looking forward to a mini break in Aberdeen in October. If it gets moved to September I will not be able to make it thro'.

Being able to see your collection should be something, especially the MTX+. :geek:

Would you be able to get a Video Wall up and running for the event? Possibly with help from attendees?


Re: Is it a goer ?

Posted: 15 May 2016 17:28
by Dave
Hi Paul,

that's good news!

I am just about to revisit the video wall with the intention of getting it running for the event. If might not be a full 4x4, but I certainly hope to have something up & running


Re: Is it a goer ?

Posted: 16 May 2016 01:13
by 1024MAK
A half height waist high video wall then :?: :lol: :shock:


Re: Is it a goer ?

Posted: 16 May 2016 19:39
by Martin A
Hmm Video Window ??