Memofest 2019 at Andys

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Memofest 2019 at Andys

Post by AndyKey » 21 Jul 2019 14:35

Bill suggested I post here too.

Folks, you may have spotted on Facebook that I've volunteered to host it this year, one Saturday in October.
There is a poll on there where I'm trying to find out what date is best for everyone.
If you think you might be able to come, please vote there. is a very skeletal page at the moment, but I'll update it as I learn folks are coming and anything about what they might bring or show.
If you think you might have something to show, drop me a line so I can add a teaser bullet item to the list.

There will of course be cake.
Of course, if anyone has an alternative/better venue or idea, I'm all ears also.
{{{ Andy

Bill B
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Re: Memofest 2019 at Andys

Post by Bill B » 21 Jul 2019 18:46

Thanks Andy.

I don't do Facebook so unable to vote. I will try and come whatever date selected, although in general later in October is better for me.

No surprises from me this year. All my Memotech time has gone on software, which Dave has already published.

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