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Any Memofest this year?

Posted: 14 Jul 2020 13:04
by Crazyboss

Might we assume to Covid-19 is on safe distance and can be replaced by memofest-20 :lol:

Any suggestions, cause it usely take place in oct. so its 3 months from now.

Any hosts, and dates ?

Re: Any Memofest this year?

Posted: 14 Jul 2020 16:13
by 1024MAK
A lot of business ‘meetings’ are being done by video conferencing in the U.K. at the moment as people are still being discouraged from commuting to work. And there are still restrictions on how many people from different households can meet together.

The Acorn computer enthusiasts are having regular meet-ups using Zoom instead of the normal three times a year group meet-ups.

Maybe if a normal Memofest is not practical, a Zoom Video meet-up could be done?


Re: Any Memofest this year?

Posted: 18 Jul 2020 13:10
by thewiz
I'd be up for a zoom meeting. Not sure I would have much to offer this year other then my appreciation of other peoples work.

Re: Any Memofest this year?

Posted: 01 Aug 2020 15:10
by Crazyboss
I dont have anything to show this time. I am behind with a few projects. The MoonPartrol clone, some saw in Scotland years ago, is still not ready, no work have been done for ages.

The game I show last year, still have issues, I think there are bugs, since its not every time i try to run it on real hardware it works. Maybe its the age of the hardware. I recall a few times we tried in at Andys hardware it did not laungh. Its still weird why the Sound Explosions are not right, it sound right in Memu I think, but not on real hardware. I have been using a little time to port the game to ColecoVision game console, which shares the same hardware as the Memotech, I cant get it run at all, so there are some bugs somewhere. The Colecovision handle interrups another way than Memotech do so its possible that is the bug itself. Need to work more on that project.

Re: Any Memofest this year?

Posted: 15 Aug 2020 22:39
by Martin A
I got this "timeline" from the site
1.2 What else will change in the next few months?
In the Prime Minister’s update on progress on 17 July, he set out the next stages of our roadmap.

From 1 September:

schools, nurseries and colleges will open for all children and young people on a full-time basis
universities are working to reopen as fully as possible
From 1 October, if prevalence remains around or below current levels:

we will bring back audiences in stadiums, and allow conferences and other business events to recommence in a COVID-19 Secure way
In November, our ambition is to scale back remaining social distancing measures, but this is contingent on a number of factors, including consideration of the specific challenges as we move into winter.
Even if Memofest qualifies as a conference, making one "COVID-19 Secure" would be a challenge, so I would agree virtual is the way to go.

I can probably find "something" to demonstrate, though it's likely to be more evolution than revolution!