Running Newword Rom

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Running Newword Rom

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Is it possible for Memu to run the Newword ROM? Its 4 x 0x2000 roms. I've tried the following:

memu -vid-win-big -iobyte 0x20 -addr 0x2000 -subpage 0 -mem rom\newword0.rom -subpage 1 -mem rom\newword1.rom -subpage 2 -mem rom\newword2.rom -subpage 3 -mem rom\newword3.rom -iobyte 0x00 -addr 0x0000 -subpage 0

But no success.
THIS is what Memotech is doing now.
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Re: Running Newword Rom

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Type ROM 2 to activate the ROMs.
Then a letter.
N to create a "non-Document" document.

However, if you try to save the file with ^K S, it'll hang because its trying to use real cassette tape.
It doesn't go through the INOUT routine in the ROM which MEMU intercepts.

{{{ Andy
{{{ Andy
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