Feature request "GUI for Windows"

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Re: Feature request "GUI for Windows"

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Just seen this thread and noticed Dave talking about Gamebase. I am working on an upgraded Gamebase and so far includes the ROMs available and ZNode disks.

Getting ROMs to work wasn't easy so this solution proves the "recipe" option, e.g. NEWROM:

memu.exe -vid-win-big -iobyte 0x20 -addr 0x2000 -subpage 0 -mem
"C:\Gamebase\Memotech v0.2\rom\newword0.rom" -subpage 1 -mem
"C:\Gamebase\Memotech v0.2\rom\newword1.rom" -subpage 1 -mem
"C:\Gamebase\Memotech v0.2\rom\newword2.rom" -subpage 1 -mem
"C:\Gamebase\Memotech v0.2\rom\newword3.rom" -iobyte 0x00 -addr 0x0000 -subpage 0

I am working on getting as much info as I can for commercial tapes that are currently converted next.

I like what Bill has done but not used it yet. Does it include the development options?
THIS is what Memotech is doing now.
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Re: Feature request "GUI for Windows"

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Sorry, the -diag switches are about the only options not supported by Launch.

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