Edasm Macros

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Edasm Macros

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I've converted the Edasm macros from tape and been pleasantly surprised when I was able to load them into MEMU.

It appears that EDASM must use the ROM routine at 0x0AAE to load files as all I did was add the converted macro data to the end of the EDASM mtx file.

The format of the file is:

0xd3 <11 bytes for filename> <2 byte length> <2 byte load addr>

The actual file has some simple RLE compression. I wrote a quick and dirty perl script to turn it into text. Note the file I used had the filename removed:

Code: Select all


open INPFILE, "<", "edas_data.bin";

binmode INPFILE;

my ($inpbyt, $ordbyt, $repchar, $repcnt, $loop);

while (!eof INPFILE) {

        read INPFILE, $inpbyt, 1;

        $ordbyt = ord ($inpbyt);

        #printf ("byt: %d\n", $ordbyt);

        if (($ordbyt >= 32) && ($ordbyt < 128)) {
                printf ("%s", $inpbyt);
        } elsif ($ordbyt == 1) {

                read INPFILE, $repchar, 1;      # char to repeat
                read INPFILE, $repcnt, 1;       # repeat + $80
                for ($loop = 0 ; $loop < (ord( $repcnt) & 0x7f); $loop++) {
                        printf ("%s", $repchar);

        } elsif ($ordbyt == 13) {               # New Line
                printf ("\n");
        } elsif ($ordbyt == 9) {                # Tab
                printf ("\t");
        } elsif ($ordbyt == 26) {               # End of File
                printf ("\n");
        } else {
                printf ("byt: %d\n", $ordbyt);


I've attached the resultant text file.

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THIS is what Memotech is doing now.
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