MTX Shell v0.04

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MTX Shell v0.04

Post by thewiz » 10 Mar 2016 14:43

Hi All,

I have updated my MTX Assembler Shell with an Events system. It allows you to setup a timer, in 1/50sec ticks, to run a routine. The demo uses three events to change the colour of the skull every second, another to move up/down the screen and the third to move left/right across the screen.

This leaves the main loop doing nothing. The plan is to use it to handle timers, oxygen bars etc as well as moving enemies about. Possibly animation too.


Makefiles not working correctly. nmake clean if required.
Further hardware abstraction.
Improved method of compiling libraries.

10/03/2016 v0.4
Changelog added.
Readme added.
Licence added - GPL v3.0.
Pass initial paper/border colour to VDP_INIT.
Change PAYLOAD to use CODE and BASIC.
Change MTX512 and MTX500 to be MACHINE=MTX???.
Change AUTOSTART to be YES or NO.
User code now appears in usercode.z80.
Change VDP_SPR_CNT to be a pointer, not a table.
New file with standard library functions.
Add random number generator, a CMWC from WOS by Patrik Rak.
Changed to 256 char font from a 768 char font.
Add Event system.
Demo of Events to bounce skull around screen and change
THIS is what Memotech is doing now.

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