DE1 boards might get cheaper

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DE1 boards might get cheaper

Postby AndyKey » 07 Feb 2014, 01:16 ... o=53&No=83
is the DE1 page.

Might be interesting to watch this page over the next month or two.
Terasic have now released a later replacement DE1 SoC board for slightly more $.
So we might expect they'll need to lower the price of the regular DE1 to shift them.

REMEMOTECH uses a DE1 board.
{{{ Andy

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Re: DE1 boards might get cheaper

Postby Dave » 07 Feb 2014, 02:57

Hi Andy,

REMEOTECH is really neat and features like the ability to drive two monitors are great.

However, even if Terasic drop the price somewhat, it will likely still be a relatively expensive outlay - not a problem for the Memotech nerds amongst us (who are they?) - but possibly a bit rich for most people.

I just wanted to remind people of the great low cost hardware solution that you and Bill (Brendling) put together, that is, the ability to run MEMU on a Raspberry Pi

While not quite a powerful as REMEMOTECH, it is a low cost and fully featured way to recreate an MTX in hardware - complete with joystick support


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Re: DE1 boards might get cheaper

Postby Martin A » 16 Oct 2017, 19:36

For those that attended Memofest and saw my DE1, they did indeed get a little cheaper.

That price works out at around £150 including VAT and delivery. Still not cheap, but maybe an alternative to waiting for a cheap MTX to come up on Ebay or the like ?

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Re: DE1 boards might get cheaper

Postby JonB » 17 Oct 2017, 14:54

Define "cheap" for me.. ;)

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