Flood of new "members" on Facebook.

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Flood of new "members" on Facebook.

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It seems like we got a flood on new members on the facebook group, I have to admit, I have approved most of them, but now can see they might be fake. Until now I have approved people with out any questions, if I saw they had joined similar groups, but it seems like I have to go back to the old procedure, where i actually message every request about there interests of Memotech computers to see if they are fake.

What is also suspicious, is many of those requests come from profiles which have other suspicious profiles as friends. So please if you spot any profiles in the facebook group which you think is fake please let me know.
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Re: Flood of new "members" on Facebook.

Post by RichardHallas »

All I can say is that I joined recently, and I'm legitimate! :-)
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Re: Flood of new "members" on Facebook.

Post by gunrock »

Claus, the Ultimate 64 group here does that, you get a questionnaire with three question about the early days of the C64 and such.

Keeps the bots to the minimum.
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Re: Flood of new "members" on Facebook.

Post by 1024MAK »

Yes, it’s best to have the automatic questions set up, then you can review the answers (if any) to have an idea if it is someone who is actually interested.

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