Super Z80s

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Super Z80s

Post by lezanderson » 03 Apr 2014 16:21


I have some 'Super' Z80 , namely Z8S18033 33MHz Z180s, these are high spec legacy ICs on a par with say an Intel386i type CPU. Having serial port, MMU,DMA,CTC etc on Chip with programmable wait state generator for slow ROM/RAM & I/O. These are Ideal for design a Super Z80 system.

I've already give some to Peter Todd regarding his Super Camputer Lynx machine.. designing a modern Camputers Lynx.

Camputers Lynx (Super Lynx)

Z8S18033 33MHz PLCC68
512k 55ns SRAM DIP32
256K EEPROM 45ns
EPM7128SLC84-15 CPLD as Glue logic and VGA video Generator
8255 as CF card reader
AY-3-8910 as sound IC and LPT1 port (original Lynx has no sound Chip)

Anybody wanting a Z8S18033 or any of the ICs above just ask Dave Stevenson and he'll let me know !

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