More Free ICs

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More Free ICs

Post by lezanderson » 07 Jun 2014 21:47

Just sent an email to Dave about some free Colecovision kits :


Can you pop a message on the MTX forum asking if anyone wants one of my Colecovision Homebrew kits ?

The kit is roughly as below.

Z84C0020VEC PLCC Can be overclocked ?? maybe as high as 28MHz ??
UM61512 SDIP 32 64K Fast SRAM
W27C512 PLCC 64K Fast EEPROM
EPM7128 PLCC 2pcs
V9958 DIP64
D41464 DIP 6pcs
SN76489 DIP
AY-3-8910 DIP40
8255 /82C55 PLCC 2pcs
DS12887 or similar RTC DIP
AM9511 Maths co-processor DIP
AM1377 DIP PAL/NTSC encoder

The Collection has a 3.5MHz clock as standard so 28 divide by 8 = 3.5MHz .. though 28MHz might be pushing it to it's limits

I know the PLCC ICs ain’t well liked.. but they reduce board size by squeezing a lot into a small PCB area. And I believe you can overclock them more than normal DIP ICs ??

The idea being to design a small motherboard containing the very basics.. Z80 CPU, ROM,RAM, Video, Sound, I/O keyboard, joysticks..

Then a daughter-board can fit on top via a SIL or similar header allowing extra expansion : AY-38910 second sound chip, Serial ports, RTC, & Maths co-processor !

This would turn it into a full and powerful CP/M machine ! And allow it to be built in more 'Manageable' stages !

All the best

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