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Using the V9958 (SDIP) from Lez

Posted: 27 Jun 2014 14:32
by Dave
Hi folks,

a number of us have received bundles of electronic components generously donated by Lez Anderson. Included in the bundle were Yamaha V9958 video chips. The V9958 is in a 64 pin shrink DIP package, the legs on this package have a hole pitch of 0.07" rather than the 0.1" of a normal DIP component. Whilst this would not be a problem for a custom made PCB, it does mean that they are not directly compatible with prototyping boards which can be a bit of a problem for us hobbyists. Whilst it is possible to "force fit" the VDP/socket onto prototype boards, I didn't like this "solution".

To make things easier for Martin and I for the "MTXPlus+" project, I designed an adapter board to break out the SDIP pins to standard breadboard pitch. I have just got the bare boards back from being manufactured in China and have a very limited number of spares. Before I put them on ebay, I am offering them to the Forum members first. The price, including UK P&P, would be £6.00, Paypal, you pay the fees, for the bare board.

Photos attached, the offer is for the bare board only, you would need to add the pin header strips (32 contacts on each side), and whilst you could mount the VDP directly to the adapter board, you would be better to use an SDIP socket - again, you'd need to source that. I was very conservative when I did the layout and consequently, the board is a little wider than it needs to be, if I ever did another run, I would probably reduce its width by about 0.5" or so, but at this point the board is about 3.4" (86mm) by 1.8" (44mm).

I will wait a week or so before putting them on ebay, so if you are interested, drop me an e-mail before, say, Friday next week.


Re: Using the V9958 (SDIP) from Lez

Posted: 28 Jun 2014 22:05
by 1024MAK
<Opens wallet, ducks quickly as a swarm of moths fly out, carefully plucks notes out, then bungs them towards Dave's direction... And then very quickly snaps the wallet shut again :mrgreen: >


Re: Using the V9958 (SDIP) from Lez

Posted: 28 Jun 2014 22:17
by Dave
Aaahh, that explains the news reports of an apparent solar eclipse in Weston-super-Mare today