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Memotech Disk Recovery Service

Posted: 19 Jul 2014 22:09
by Dave
OK - it's not really that, but here's an offer. . . . .

Preserving legacy Memotech disk data

I have spent quite a bit of time recently converting old MTX floppy disks (FDX and SDX 5.25" and 3.5") to image files that can be used with Andy's MFLOPPY or CPMCBFS tools to get them into REMEMOrizer etc.

The biggest issue is with the age/condition of the media. I was pleasantly surprised that I could read just about all of my old disks, although I was a little less successful with some of Jim's. Anyway, until my floppy drives eventually give up on me (the original FDX ones already have), I have the facilities to do the conversion to preserve the data on floppies - providing that they are readable of course.

If you have any old Memotech disks that you believe contain data that you'd like to recover and don't have the facilities to do it, then I am willing to try to get the data off for you (free of charge - other than postage).

There probably won't be any benefit in sending me disks that you can't read because of disks errors - this isn't going to be a true data recovery service - that would be beyond me. Rather, it is a way of getting data from obsolete media into a format that can be used today.

If you are interested, let me know.