Panel in Red on Black

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Panel in Red on Black

Post by Martin A » 31 Oct 2015 19:38

Over on Facebook, Thomas Koch has posted some amazing renderings of the FDX. ... =3&theater

For artistic purposes he's changed the colour of the Display used by Panel to red on black. It looks great, so I thought I'd try it out for real.

While creating a new mask rom isn't going to happen, changing the colour on Memu isn't that hard.

The relevant section of the ROM is:

Code: Select all

3813                        .vdpan
3813        21 75 38        LD   HL,sc0pan
3816        06 FD           LD   B,&FD
3818        18 05           JR   vdbas2
The B register holds the screen colour

For red on black screens in Panel change Offset 1816 in the assem rom with a Hex editor to read 06 61 instead of 06 FD and that's it.
Panel after the change, just like the rendering
dumpred.jpg (117.2 KiB) Viewed 2072 times

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