Serial numbers and Mainboard rev. ?

About original Memotech hardware.
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Serial numbers and Mainboard rev. ?

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Was looking at Dave's database where people reports Memotech serial numbers and mainboard fitted. Its kind of weird, maybe random ?

But it seems like a lower serial number can be fitted with a -06 mainboard, than a higher serial number fitted with a -04 or -05 board.

Maybe Memotech just picked the serial numbered cases random, or maybe its more likely that some of the higher serial numbers with -04 or -05 boards was fitted with repaired mainboards ?

I assume the 04 was the rev.1, 05 rev.2 and 06 is the most updated version ?

After all Andy Key confirmed for me, that he never have found any dif. in the roms fitted in Memotechs. So it seems like Memotech used the same roms from start to the end, without any bug fixing at all.

Not sure where I heard it, maybe from Jim Wills ?, someone told me back then a lot of new Memotech computers failed, was not working after they get out of the box, or was swapped within the first year. That could explain why "older" boards are found in higher serial numbers ?

I have seen mainboard with a date sticker on them, maybe that could give a clue, but I think only on of my mainboards have the sticker left :(
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