MTX512 fault: Blowing fuse.

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Re: MTX512 fault: Blowing fuse.

Post by 1024MAK » 15 Jan 2017 02:00

I must admit, your earlier post about the fuse blowing and the current being 0.86A had me stumped. I was thinking that something must be causing a high initial current surge, hence the fuse blowing. Some types of capacitor can cause this fault, but your "symptom" did not fully fit the pattern, and this type of fault is not that common anyway (except in bad designs where an underrated component is used). Hence, I did not post anything, as I did not want to send you on a wild-goose chase...

Yes, the 4116 DRAM chips can run warm, as does the video processor chip.

I'm glad its now okay :D .


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Re: MTX512 fault: Blowing fuse.

Post by stephen_usher » 15 Jan 2017 11:22

Thanks. At some point I really must get the MTX500 fixed, but I think I'd need a good oscilloscope before I can do that.

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