MTX Video board

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MTX Video board

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I had no picture on my MTX512, so I bought a new LM1889N chip for the video board.
I now get a picture, but only black & white on the composite output (haven't checked the RF yet).
I was looking at the schematic for the video board and noticed that there are a link which can be set
in mode a or b, which switches the composite output between color and B&W and sure enough, my
video board was soldered with B&W setting. I resoldered the link for color and now I get color composite output.
I'm not sure if this is common knowledge, just thought I would write down my experience here in case anyone needs it.
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Re: MTX Video board

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thanks for taking the time to post your experience.

Whilst perhaps not "common knowledge", it is known, and I do mention in on my website - on this page amongst other places

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