'Group Buy ' to save Money ???

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'Group Buy ' to save Money ???

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I was recently talking to Dave about the possibility of doing Group Buys for ICs and stuff.. sort of buying in bulk to save money. The idea being to take orders for ICs and things from whomever was wanting things then place a bulk order. When the items arrived they'd be despatched and then you pay for what you've received.

Anyone who thinks this might be a good idea please tell Dave, if you get enough people interested we may give it a try !
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Re: 'Group Buy ' to save Money ???

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For Reference Only

... some prices for ICS.. note not all the prices a\re competitive and you should shop around ... These are from Funkward-tech

Z84C0020PEC CPU DIP40 $1.6
Z84C0020VEC CPU PLCC44 $1.6
Z84C3010PEC Z80 CTC 10MHz $1.6
Z84C10xxPEC DIP Z80 DMA never remember what Z80-DMA ,shot me a part number?
Z84C20xxPEC DIP Z80 PIO $1.6
Z84C30xxPEC DIP Z80 CTC $1.6
Z84C40xxPEC DIP Z80 SIO $2.0
R65C02 6502 CPU DIP $2.5
W65C02 6502 CPU DIP $3.0 rare,I don’t have much left (60-70pcs)
W65C816 6502 CPU DIP $5.0 rare,I don’t have much left (30-45pcs)
6809 CPU DIP $1.6
HD63x09 CPU DIP $1.6
HD64180 DIP64 $2.0
68008Pxx CPU DIP48 $2.0
68008FNxx CPU PLCC52 $2.0
68000Pxx CPU 68000 DIP64 $2.0
68000FNxx CPU PLCC68 $2.5
TMS9900xx CPU DIP64 $3.0
TMS9995xx CPU DIP40 $4.0
TMS99105 CPU DIP40 no source
TMS99110 CPU DIP40 no source


512k x 8bit SRAM DIP32 (HM628512,KM684000, etc) $4.5
128k x 8bit SRAM DIP32 $1.2
64K SRAM UM61512 etc $2.0
32K SRAM (HM62256, UM61256 etc) $1.6
8K SRAM HM6264 etc $1.5

512K x 8 bit DIP32 $2.5 / $1.6
128k x 8 bit DIP32 $1.25 / $1.0
64K x 8 bit DIP28 $1.0 / $1.0
32K x 8 bit DIP28 $1.0 / $1.0
8k x 8 bit DIP $1.5 / $1.0

Video Processors

V9938 DIP64 $5.5
V9958 DIP64 $10 don’t have much left , 40-50pcs
TMS9929 DIP40 $2.3
TMS9918 DIP40 $2.5
V9990 no source
V6636 no source since last year
D72020C-8 $3.0 D7220D (NOS CERAMIC gold leads) $15 ,around 30pcs in stock


GAL22V10 DIP $1.0
GAL16V8 DIP $0.6
EPM7128SLC84 PLCC $2.5
EPM7064 PLCC $2.0
EPM7032 PLCC $2.0
EPM7160SLC84 $8.0
EPM9320LC84 $15.5/EA this is expensive

Sound Chips

SN76489 DIP $0.8
SAA1099 DIP $1.0
YM2149 DIP $2.0
AY-3-89xx DIP $2.0 8910 is lacking of goods,you can use YM2149F, 8912/8913 are available
YM2612 DIP $1.6 is it YM3812 ????


8255/82C55 DIP intel PIO Chip $1.5
DS12887/DS12C887 RTC DIP $2.5
CXA1145 PAL/NTSC encoder DIP $1.5
CXA1645 PAL/NTSC encoder DIP $1.5
D41464-10 DRAM DIP $1.0 also have NOS TMS4164 $1.25/ea
MAX232 RS232 Driver DIP $0.5
MAX705 IC Supervisor DIP $0.5
TIM9904A ( for TMS9900 CPU) DIP $1.0
TMS9901 DIP $3.0
TMS9902 DIP $1.5
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