Joystick plug pinout.

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Joystick plug pinout.

Post by Crazyboss »

Any descriptions on the Joystick pinouts. I know they are standard Atari like, C64 etc.
But does it have 5v+ too ?

Some joysticks have Autofire, which use the 5v+ line.
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Re: Joystick plug pinout.

Post by 1024MAK »

It should also be mentioned that on the joystick ports, pin 8 is NOT ground (GND), but is a common for that port ONLY.
Autofire joysticks as well as needing +5V on pin 7, also need a real 0V/GND on pin 8.

Pin 8 on the joystick port of an MTX is either an input port pin (plug J4) or an output port pin (plug J5). This makes no difference if the only thing inside a joystick is ‘voltage free’ switch contacts.

But joysticks with autofire have an electronic astable multivibrator circuit (two transistors or a 555 timer chip or similar circuit). All of which expect a real 0V/GND on pin 8.

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