Programming contest (Suggested)

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Programming contest (Suggested)

Post by Crazyboss »

Suggestion for a Programming Contest.

Make a Space Invaders clone.

Suggested Rules:
* Compression allowed, but the decompress must be in your code.
* You can be inspired by others but not rip code/graphics :)
* .RUN or .MTX file.
* Must run on a stock MTX500
* Winner will be judged by the Memofest 2020 Attendees (you cant give your own game any points)
* Points will be given like this 13,11,10,9,8,7,6,5,3
* Point categories:
- Filesize (Smaller is better)
- Graphics
- Sound
- Gameplay
- Extra Categories ?

We have almost one year, so this is just a Suggestion, please add more :)
//CLAUS - Webmaster at
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