Flash/EEprom 1024x8 ?

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Flash/EEprom 1024x8 ?

Post by Crazyboss »


Is it possible to find something like the 27C801 Eprom, but as a Flash/EEprom version.

Its 1024K x 8
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Re: Flash/EEprom 1024x8 ?

Post by Martin A »

The first Magrom prototype had jumpers to allow the a 1meg Eprom instead of the flash. Such was the availabilty of 1 meg parts back then that the later prototypes and the production models are 512k flash only.

Having said that, there are options, the 29F800 is the right size, amd 5v friendly, if you can handle fine pitch surface mount parts. There'a 2 meg8 29F180 too.
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