Anyone interested in a brand new Sinclair ZX80 case?

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Anyone interested in a brand new Sinclair ZX80 case?

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A member of the Sinclair ZX World forum is trying to get a run of brand new Sinclair ZX80 cases manufactured.

He says this:
jomac wrote: I've been working hard recently in getting together different manufacturers in order to produce an EXACT copy of the Sinclair ZX80 case, either the original, or the later injection moulded version.

This case would be commercially manufactured using the exact same plastics, trimmed and cut out using a CNC, screen printed in exactly the same way with the stickers produced and attached. When i say exact, i mean exact.!

I am hoping the final price will be around £55 posted in the UK, final price depends on the interest.

A lot of effort has gone into this, and was never intended as a commercial venture, but after discussing the idea in the FaceBook groups i was inundated with requests for more information.
jomac wrote:The final price will be £49.95 plus postage and there will be 4 versions of the case. Antenna hole to the left for UK etc, hole to the right for USA etc, hole in the centre for clones and one with no hole.
If the remaining problems are ironed out, the arrangements will likely be that I will take payment and send the cases out to any Memorum members that want them.

So if you are interested in buying one or more, please reply in this thread. Please let me know how many you wish to buy and which version (four choices).

Note that at this stage, consider this a pre-order list. I will post again when I have more information.

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