Draughts Redumped.

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Draughts Redumped.

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I redumped Draughts back in 2016, the way i did it was quite complicated :)
I think i used the RS232 to transfer the game to a binary file to store it at a PC, and used a HEX editor to create the RUN file.

It seems like all other files had problems showing the board, so thats why I created the .RUN file back then.

Today I spend an hour or so, compressed the game and created a new RUN,BAS,MTX and Wavefile.

Cause of the compression you will save 10 seconds while loading from TAPE :)

The new files can downloaded from: http://www.mtxworld.dk/download.php

I remember Draughts was one of the games came with my first Memotech MTX 512, I played it quite much cause I did not have so many games back then, I rather wanted to play chess, but could never get my hands on the Chess game back then.
//CLAUS - Webmaster at www.mtxworld.dk
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