GMC6512-15 IC ?

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GMC6512-15 IC ?

Post by Crazyboss »


I found 4 pcs GCM6512-15 ics in my parts bin. But cant find any information about what it is. Anyone knows?

Its a narrow 32pin ic, I guess its a RAM or Flash IC ?
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Re: GMC6512-15 IC ?

Post by Martin A »

I'd be tempted to suggest it's 15ns static ram, because of the 512 in the name possibly 64kx8.

The only 6512 I'm aware of is one of the 6502 family, but that would be a 40 pin 0.6" package.
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Re: GMC6512-15 IC ?

Post by 1024MAK »

Is there a manufacturers logo on it? Or a date code?

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