How best to clean an MTX?

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Lardo Boffin
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How best to clean an MTX?

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Bit of a random question! Anyone know the best way to clean the lovely case of an MTX?

For plastic based cases I use a car plastic renovater spray which does a great job of bringing plastic back to life but I’m not sure about anodised aluminium?

Currently just using a micro fibre cloth but this doesn’t do much for finger prints etc.

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Re: How best to clean an MTX?

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I use a cloth that is slightly wet with a little washing up liquid for nearly all case cleaning, be it plastic or metal.
Then use a dry cloth afterwards.

To deal with stubborn greasy marks of stickers, I use IPA or a similar solvent cleaner. But if using a solvent cleaner on plastic, test a hidden area first just in case it causes problems. And I only use these on ABS plastic cases (which is the type that most 1980 and 1990 computers use). Also note that some solvent cleaners can damage some types of paint.

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