Retro Computer Festival 2021

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Retro Computer Festival 2021

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This weekend was the Retro Computer Festival in Cambridge and my Saturday set-up included my MTX500 + CFX, as can be seen here:
IMG_2430.jpg (1.19 MiB) Viewed 743 times
If the table had been a little longer I would have had the MTX512 sitting open to show the insides.

It was quite surprising how many visitors hadn't even heard of the MTX, let alone seen one, and many of the other exhibitors, even with lots of obscure machines* had never seen one "in the flesh". Of course, the case was the thing which made to most impact, with one exhibitor just loving the shape of the power supply.

Anyway... I'm back home now and everything's dumped in the living room. A bit of a rest and then I'll make a start on moving it all back into storage again.

* e.g. SuperBrain II, lots of Japanese only machines, a 1st generation Quantel Painbox.
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