Source of Confusion

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Martin A
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Source of Confusion

Post by Martin A » 20 Dec 2013 18:38

Those of you that have copies of the Source, it it me, or has Keith got the sound volume control bytes all confused on page 11-5 ?

Shouldn't it be 080h OR'd with 010h 030h 050h and 070h to make 090h 0B0h 0D0h and 0F0h to identify the sound register, which is then added or OR'd to the volume to get the final command byte.

Instead of 080h OR'd with 001h 003h 005h and 007h to make the 081h 083h 085h and 087h he's written down.

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Re: Source of Confusion

Post by Dave » 22 Dec 2013 04:21

I moved this post into the Programming forum as that seems like the best place for it.

I can't comment on the detail of Martin's question, but perhaps others, particularly if you have a copy of the handbook, can respond?


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