Memofest 2022 possible ? Where ? When ?

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Memofest 2022 possible ? Where ? When ?

Post by Crazyboss »

Hi Guys.

The Covid situation here, seems to be under controll, many have been vacinated, and alot of people have had Covid lately, fortunally its the soft version which is less harmfull than a normal flue, most people recovers with in a week.

So is there any hope for a Memofest 2022 this year. And if so any suggestions to dates and places, as it is now I work some weekends.

I know its early to even think about a Memofest, and ofcause we could all be sendt back with a new strike from a yet unknown version of Covid. But at least we can try to plan and see if its possible.
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Re: Memofest 2022 possible ? Where ? When ?

Post by 1024MAK »

The U.K. government has removed all COVID19 restrictions in England (health is devolved for elsewhere in the U.K. so the situation may be different in Scotland and Wales).

And some other ‘retro’ computer events are starting to plan in person physical events. So yes, it is reasonable to think about a Memofest later in 2022.

Fingers crossed that no new more aggressive strains of COVID19 appear.

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