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Looking for ROMS... Like the Pascalrom and other roms.... Please Email if you have them in binary file or so...... Also Looking for EH the programmer of Blobbo,Toado and Super Minefield..... Please Email me:)

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Memotech MTX: Title

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Question:  How to LOAD a program into my "Real"(No emulator) Memotech MTX, from tape, cd or Wavefile? 
Answer:  After powering on your Memotech MTX, it will answer with the Ready-prompt, at the screen. Type in LOAD"" and hit RET key. Now start your tape, cd or Wavefile. If the program does not load try with another volume setting. You may also try to adjust at the Bass and Treble settings. Good games to adjust from is: Cosmic Raiders and Reversi, which can be found at my download-page.At my computer I had to turn the volumn to 100% to get it work, and adjust the Treble from 50% (middle) to around 75%. If you can't turn the volumn high enough try to load the wavefile into a wave-editor (I used Creative Wavestudio), to raise the volumn. By the way most of these adjust problems will be solved by recording the wave-files on to a CDR, and use your Discman or Hifi-CDplayer, they normaly have the adjustings you may need, but use a little time finding the right settings, all games at the download-page are tested and working. Instead of typing LOAD"" you can type LO."" (see more about shortcut-words in the "Basic Commands Page").

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